Monday, November 24, 2008

Customer Service

So does customer service really exist anymore?
Tonight we went to a major retail store to make a purchase of some DVDs. I look around myself for a little while but I can not find the one I really came in for. Not once did any of the 4 guys who worked in that part of the store come up to me and see if I needed help. After a while I went up to one and asked if they maybe had some in a different place or if they were out. He looked at me dumbfounded and said "uh I don't know I think if they are not there we are out".
So over to the customer service counter I go to ask for a rain check, 2 more employees standing there having a conversation. Finally one turns and says "can I help you". I felt like saying "No I just wanted to listen in on your conversation" but I kept my attitude in check. I tell him what I want, he keys some info into the computer and he tells me there are six in the store. At this point I am getting irritated and I make a comment about him going to find it for me then. Ten seconds later I had a paper in my hand for a rain check!
Is it really that hard to do your job? Heck the shopping season hasn't really started yet so what could the excuse be?

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