Thursday, November 6, 2008

He knows his name.

I am a little excited tonight.
For a few months when you asked Zack his name he would pound his chest and say "aa".
To him that meant Zack.
Then he progressed to saying "Sack". I don't know why but tonight I took it a little further and asked him Zack who. He then told me his first and last name!!
I am still in awe with how much he can say now after being delayed for so long. I can not keep up with the number of words he uses everyday.

He loves to race. It doesn't matter who races with him, he is eager to take anyone on (Kris always tells him you cheat just like your brother always did). We tell him he needs to count before the race starts (as in a count down) so he counts... three, two, one and he takes off. Funny thing is he can not count up like one, two, three but he can count backwards. LOL

Another little funny thing he said today, which I am not sure where he picked it up from. We were leaving the grocery store parking lot, I was waiting to pull out and I hear him in the back seat say "Follow me guys". I have no idea who or what he was talking to but it sure was cute.

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