Friday, November 14, 2008

A night away

Well, it happened. I went to the hospital for a racing heart and I spent my first night away from Zack. It was hard not saying his prayers with him or tucking him into bed or checking on him before I fell asleep. He told me on the phone that I was 'far far away'. I don't know where he got that from but he did. When Kris brought him up to see me he wasn't too happy with all the machines he saw in the room, He did fully enjoy trying to fold me up like a pretzel in that uncomfortable thing they called a bed.
I know I have been telling Kris I need a day to myself but dang this wasn't what I was hoping for! I couldn't wait to be sprung from there.
On a good note Zack is spending lots of time playing with Grandma and I do believe she is completely worn out. I know for a fact that she is so tired of playing trains and if she never sees another toy train again she will be happy. just wait grandma until he gets his train table from Santa.

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