Saturday, November 1, 2008


Zack totally got Halloween this year! For days I have been asking him what to do when we go trick or treating and for days he has been knocking on something and telling me "lellow m m". So we worked on saying trick or treat a lot. He did so well last night while hitting a few houses in the neighborhood. He did say "trick treat" to almost everyone. He only told one person "lellow m m".
There was a couple who dressed as ghosts and sat on their porch to hand out candy and Zack walked up to them and said "Boo". I wish I would have gotten it on camera it was just too cute!
David came by for a while and dressed in his costume and walked around the neighborhood with us before going to his Halloween Party. Zack got a kick out of Davids costume.
After we ran out of candy, Zack, Kris and I went downtown to the city park and watched the fireworks. It was the first time Zack had ever seen fireworks and he enjoyed them. I was afraid he wouldn't like it but he did.
On that note I will leave you with a picture of my boys.

David dressed as Cat in the Hat and Zack dressed as Pablo from the Backyardigans.


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Kristin said...

I am glad the liked it. AJ was telling everyone "appy ah oh eem"