Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Haircut Time

Kris took Zack for a haircut this past weekend. Normally Zack freaks out getting a haircut but this time he did pretty well. He sits on Kris' lap since we don't think he is ready to sit by himself yet.
Later that evening when I was giving Zack his bath we were having a conversation about everything he did this weekend. When I brought up the haircut, he looked at me all serious and said "haircut girl mean". I asked why she was mean but didn't get an answer. When I said something to Kris about it he says she wasn't mean but thinks Zack might think she is mean because she made him look down to cut the back of his hair.
I just find it fascinating how a little one thinks one thing and an adult sees it completely different.
BTW he was happy as a clam when he was able to get off Kris' lap and get his lalop (lolly pop).

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