Saturday, December 19, 2009

Playing in the dark

It snowed yesterday which is a once every few years kind of thing around here. I learned a long time ago that if it is snowing, get out in it that day or it will be gone by tomorrow.

Once there was enough on the ground to cover it, I bundled Zack up and we went out to play in it. Who cares we were the only ones out on the block. Who cares we could not see much because it was dark. Who cares other peoples children were already snug in there beds? We had a blast.

Zack made snow angels, threw more snow balls at me than I can count. Knocked the snow off everything he could possibly reach, and then refused to help me make a stack of snowballs to bombard Kris with when he finally came home. As a matter of fact the little stinker stole more than half of them and threw them at me.

It was the best snowball making snow I have seen in a long time. It was just perfect packing snow.

When Kris did come home we had a little snowball fight as soon as he was getting out of the car. He never saw it coming. (Insert Evil laugh here).

I finally convinced Zack to throw snowballs at Kris and not me. Once he did, I heard Kris give a little yell. Apparently Zack got him with a snowball and it went down the back of his pants. (Insert more Evil laughter here).

The snowball fights ended when my dear husband nailed me right in the glasses! That hurt. I did yell at him and eventually he will get over it but darn it, you can hit me in the shoulder, the back, the stomach, the back of my head anywhere but the darn glasses!

Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure of my little snow angel catching flakes on his tongue.