Friday, December 11, 2009


Kiki is a new member of our household. Well at least he is until Christmas.

One night while Zack was off brushing his teeth, the doorbell rang he and Kris raced to see who was outside our door at 8:30 at night.
When they opened the door no-one was there.

That was strange.

Until Zack looked down on the porch, there was a box, a lonely box just waiting to be picked up and opened.

The first thing we noticed was a cute little elf on the box. When we opened it, that same cute elf was inside! Oh the excitement of having an elf in our house.We quickly read the book that came with the elf and found out we aren't supposed to touch him or he looses his magic. Every night while we are sleeping he flies back to the North Pole and chats with Santa to let him know if *we are being naughty or nice.

This cute little elf was named Kiki. Every morning we wake up and Kiki has found a new spot to sit and hang out for the day. Did you know elves can see through walls? They can hear everything no matter how far away from them you are, almost like a mom :)

Poor Kiki fell off from his perch the other day. It was a terrible thing. Zack came running downstairs all upset that Kiki was on the floor. When I went to pick him up Zack yelled at me not to touch him because he did not want Kiki to loose his magic. I had to convince him that the big man would want us to pick him up and he would not loose his magic powers because we were doing a good thing.

Kiki has since picked better places to hang out so he doesn't fall down again.

I wonder how disappointed Zack is going to be when Kiki goes back to the North Pole and doesn't return again until next year.

* when I say we, I really mean Zack!

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