Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010.

Happy Easter!

We had had some fun this week including a fun April Fools day dinner, going to the local creamery, which you will be hearing about in a few days. We did some Easter crafts to make the house look a little more like Easter. We went on an Easter Egg hunt, went to see the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs and have been outdoors blowing more bubbles than any human should blow.

On April 1st, I made a silly dinner for Zack. He had chicken nuggets which were actually vanilla Oreo cookies with peanut butter spread over the outside and covered in crushed cereal. He had mashed potatoes with gravy which was ice cream with caramel sauce. He had a cup cake which was turkey meatloaf with colored mashed potatoes spread on top to look like frosting. The kicker was the juice. He picked up his cup but nothing would come out. He looked into the cup and was trying to tell me something was wrong. Finally he poked it and laughed out loud, "Mom this isn't juice it's jell-o!" (I forgot to take a picture of the juice but here is the rest of the meal).
We went on an Easter Egg hunt at a bounce house place. It was put on by a church, they would not let parents of 4-5 year olds help but when my little one got stuck trying to climb into a bounce house I went to help. He lost all his eggs when he dropped his basket. Of course he was very upset over that so I grabbed one and put it in his basket and I got a talking to by one of the church members. Once he came to the realization that my kid lost all his eggs from his basket when he dropped it, he was OK with it. Come on what mom wouldn't make sure her kiddo had at least one egg in his basket. I know if Zack didn't come out of there with something in his basket he never would have done another egg hunt again since he is the type of kid that remembers everything and keeps it locked away. He did go on to find 3 more eggs that were stuck under a bounce house, one if which was a metallic egg which won him a prize. Luck was on his side.
Here he is picking eggs from the front of this obstacle course (he is in a red shirt with white basket)
We visited the Easter Bunny after the egg hunt. This is the first year we were able to take our own pictures, Yes to a $20 savings!!

Here he is dyeing the eggs. He had a great time doing that. Anytime I tried to help, I was politely informed that he could do it himself.

Here he is blowing bubbles with his newly won prize of 3D bubbles. He loves it.
Kris decided to go for a walk and let Zack ride his bike to the park a little while ago. When they opened the door and Zack stepped out I hear him screaming for me to come outside and look. The Easter bunny left a note and some eggs outside with candy in them! The note said there was a dozen eggs hidden around the yard for him to find. He was thrilled to say the least. Can I just say what great neighbors I have, you see we were going to put eggs out in the back yard later on in the day so this was a surprise for all of us. The Easter bunny really does exist.

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