Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doctors, Doctors and more Doctors.

Taking Zack to the dentist was just like I thought it would be. He was the perfect angel in the waiting room, then he heard his name called and he walked the other way yelling no, I don't want to go. This time I backed off and let Kris deal with it. The dental hygienist was great trying to deal with him, she tried distracting him with a video game. They needed to get an x-ray, he was not co-operating. The hygienist and her student left the room to go get reinforcements. It took four hygienists to get the x-ray.
We went back into the waiting room while the film developed and when they called his name again he freaked out and tried to escape. He had to be carried back to the exam room. When he was put down he tried to make a run for the door again. The dentist checked his teeth and mouth. No damage was done to the permanent teeth, the dentist was not really concerned with the tooth that was pushed back. The front tooth on the other hand was questionable. He gave us the options of leaving it and see if it would tighten up or having it pulled.
Since I did not want my little man going through any more trauma, I opted to leave it alone and see if it tightens up on it's own.
We do have to go bad again in a month to check the tooth out and see if there is any progress. Is it bad to say I already dread that appointment because this little one is too hard to handle. When I was waiting to get the appointment made, Zack headed for the door and walked out of the office, Daddy quickly followed.

As for my oldest and his mishap, he did wind up going to the ER that night, they think he tore a ligament and gave him a brace, crutches and some pain killers. He has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist on Thursday. I pray he does not need surgery.

Speaking of surgery, one of my brothers had some surgery yesterday to break up a kidney stone that just won't go away. He has to have it done again in two weeks because they could get the whole thing broken up. If you could say a prayer for him that his doctor can find a reason why this keeps happening to him so often.

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