Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I need strength.

Dear Lord Please grant me the strength to deal with this child patiently. I am loosing my patience at an alarming rate and don't know if I will be able to deal with these next 15 years or if I will be forced to run away from home, go to Hawaii and become a bum on the beach (sorry honey, I really do love you but my sanity is important to me).

This once darling little child of mine is becoming the most impatient human being on the face of the earth. He goes from Happy to down right annoyed, angry and upset in zero point zero seconds flat. There are days I am ready to sign him up for military school!

I thought the twos were supposed to be the terrible age? Why are we dealing with worse tantrums now that he is four?


Ruby Red Slippers said...

:( I am sorry!!!
I do understand what you are going through-as the mom of three little boys...
Be firm, be consistent, and be loving-You will make it through!
I know it is hard-but what I remind myself is that if they can learn from me what is acceptable, then they will not have to learn it from someone who doesn't love them or have their best interests at heart, like the police, or a boss one day-
You can do it!!!

kirimarie said...

focus on the positive, 'cause before you know it, he'll have outgrown this! (PS--I thought I might just kill myself when he was 3. 4, so far, has been easier on me...so everyone has a different 'stage' I guess!)