Sunday, April 25, 2010

A painful day.

My stomach is still in knots. This morning Kris took Zack outside, they were going to clean out the cars and get them vacuumed out. Zack started helping but then our neighbors son came out and of course Zack passed on helping anymore and went to play. Kris let them go into the back yard to play. Apparently the boys were on the slide, lets just say Zack versus the slide, the slide won.

I was in the house but I heard crying so I went to see what was wrong. There was Kris and Zack coming around the corner. Zack crying so hard I knew something seriously wrong happened. It was then I noticed Kris holding a rag with blood on it. I started to panic a bit when I realized it was Zacks mouth bleeding. I immediately called the dentist. He called in a prescription and wants to see Zack tomorrow.

It took nearly an hour for the bleeding to completely stop. The inside of his lip was cut, the gum was split open, two of his pearly whites are not in the same place they were. His lip hasn't swollen as much as I thought it would but his poor little mouth hurts. He is having a hard time eating anything that isn't soft because of the pain and honestly he is getting grumpy over it because he isn't really communicating to us that he is hurting.

Zack does not know it yet but we have to go into the dentist office tomorrow for x-rays to see if there was any damage done to his mouth or the adult teeth. I asked Kris if he was going to come with us because I know Zack is going to completely freak out when he realizes where we are. I can no longer carry him or hold him down for the dentist to look into his mouth.

I feel so bad for what he is going to go through tomorrow, he does not handle going to the dentist or the doctor at all and I feel terrible making him suffer even if I know in my heart it is for the best. I am already feeling very anxious over putting him through the hell he is surely going to be experiencing by just being there.

I am also upset over his teeth being the way they are. Zack has (had) nice teeth. From the time he got his first tooth I always told him we need to brush his teeth good so he can make sure he keeps those teeth pearly white.

Then tonight my future daughter in law calls to check on Zack and she tells me that my oldest son hurt his knee today and is in a lot of pain. So much she said that she has never seen him in that much pain. I told him to go to the doctor and have it checked out, it is better to be safe than sorry. I do hope he hasn't seriously done any damage. Even though he is not living at home anymore and even though he is 26 years old I still worry about him and don't want to hear of him being in pain.

Both is my boys hurt in the same day, that is not a good thing.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh Leah!
This sounds like a very hard day-
Your little one will be in my prayers today as he visits the doctor/dentist.
I can sympathize-my almost four year old, blood, and the dentist: Not a place I want to take him!

Also praying for your oldest son...

I hope to hear today went better for both of your boys-