Monday, March 29, 2010

Long night

Storms scare me, tornado warnings put fear in me, tornado warnings in the middle of the night terrify me!
Last night a little after 6pm the sky was getting a bit to dark for me so I turned on the news to see what direction and how long this storm was expected to stick around. Ugh, I immediately knew it would be a long night for me. You know how you can tell the weather is really bad? You hear the weather man tell a news anchor he needs to get off the mike so he can call his family and make sure they are okay because there are reports of a tornado touching down where they are (fortunately they were in the safe areas of their church and all was fine).
Soon after Zack found out that he was sleeping in our room he actually asked to go to bed. (He never asks to sleep). A while later Kris went to bed leaving me to be fearful all alone.
Needless to say I was up until nearly 4am when things quieted down and the tornado watches and warnings were no where in sight. I am dragging, I am counting down until nap time, I am looking forward to closing my eyes and falling into a nice restful sleep.

Can someone tell me why the news anchors will tell you when you spot a tornado go to a safe place in your home blah blah blah but the next breath they are telling you to email the pictures and videos of the storm you took?

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