Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday.

Today is Monday, that means Zack gets his muffin tin meal that he has been looking forward to. We talked about it a few days ago and he helped decide what green foods were going to put in his tin this week. Green or St. Patty's day is the theme of the week.

We opted for cucumbers, a green salad with a splash of cheese, green Goldfish crackers, kiwi, green apples (caramel sauce is hiding underneath) and m&ms. There is also a lime jello with pineapple and lemon-lime koolaid.

What you don't see if the dipping bowl of ketchup off to the side, no meal would be complete without it :( He has never has kiwi before but now I know he loves it.

If you like what you see, go on over here to check out what other moms are putting into their muffin tins.

I do plan on doing a lot of green food on Wednesday as well so I am glad there are tons of options for green foods.


varunner said...

The key lime popcorn came from Target. It was on clearance for 19 cents (and included a free tattoo!).

I like the green jello.

I wouldn't worry about the coaching thing. Believe me, there are worse things you could've said ;-)

BranFlakes said...

oh I LOVE lime jello with pineapple in it. too bad that my boy refuses to eat any kind of jello or fruit snack, yet he eats tons of veggies!

w said...

oh yes. the very important ketchup.

great tin!

Kristen said...

Very yummy and healthy looking tin.

Tinkr said...

great meal, that is definately a lot of green foods.

Michelle said...

Emily would have loved the kiwi and lime jello with pineapple!! Looks like a really yummy muffin tin lunch :)

Sabrina said...

This is a really cute idea!