Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time after time

You know your little one is sick when he takes a 3 hour nap. Normally I have to fight him to nap and then he asks no less than 50 times before he climbs into his bed how long his nap is going to be.

I have tried telling him however long you sleep... BUT that doesn't work. He just wants to know how long he will sleep.

I have tried saying whenever your body wakes you up... BUT that doesn't work either. He wants to know at what time his body will wake him up.

I have even tried telling him just for an hour... BUT that doesn't seem to work either. He wants to know if it is going to be a long hour or a short hour! (to keep my own sanity I tell him a short hour because quite frankly that is what he wants to hear). I will be honest and say there are some days I know I am going to dread this when he does learn how to tell time.

Lately his newest stalling of nap time is to look at a clock and tell me that I need to wake him up at 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock or 4 o'clock. Mind you he has not learned how to tell time yet nor does he understand what an hour actually is. At this point for sake of argument I will tell him OK and he reassures me that he needs to be up at (whatever time he mentioned).

Yes he is getting to be nearly 4 years old and yes I still make him take a nap. There are days when I think I need that 'short hour' more than he does.

On a side note:
With a sore throat and a runny/stuffy nose Zack turned to me looking like he wanted to cry. "Mommy why do I sound funny?" I will admit it took me a second to understand what he was saying. He did not understand how your voice changes when you have a cold. Once I explained to him there was a look of relief on the poor kiddos face.
It is amazing at what goes on day to day in our lives that we take for granted but for little ones these things can cause great concern.

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