Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Karma

Before I go into the story about Karma I want to say I had started a post about my oldest sons birthday but it was never finished. Sorry, I didn't mean to avoid posting about you on your day. You will understand in a moment why.

I picked up my oldest son one day last week and took him out for his birthday dinner. It wasn't quite his birthday yet but it was the best day for us to do it. Before we went to the restaurant I had to stop at my favorite store to pick up a few things, Of course he was cool with that because he needed a few things too.

I knew we were getting low on the much needed TP so I headed over in that direction. Being the frugal person I am I spotted a large package in the clearance section. Score 36 double rolls for $7.48. I sent Oldest Son to get a cart for me, why I didn't pick one up on the way in I will never know.

While he was gone, I spotted another one sitting on the shelf with the smaller packs, so I grabbed it up. Hey, don't judge - remember I am frugal.

Oldest Son returns with cart and sees I have a second package he asks if there are anymore. I search the shelves. Um, sorry no suck luck. He makes a comment about me not sharing. I give my evil laugh and remind him who he is talking to. We pick up the things we need and head to the check out.

We meet up with Kris at the restaurant for dinner. He was kind enough to get a table for us and order all our drinks. We ordered, had some good conversation, colored with little one. When our meals came we ate. We all took home a to go box. All was good.

Here is where the bad karma comes in.

I should have been nice and let Oldest Son have one of the packages of TP. Heck, I should have bought it for him, took it to his house and put it on the darn holder for him!

You see I woke up the next morning with horrible stomach cramps, and the rest I am sure you can figure out on your own. I don't know if it is a bug that I caught, food poisoning or what but trying to deal with little one while being that sick was and still is awful. I tried eating something other than a cracker today, it didn't go over so well. I guess I will try again tomorrow.

So to prevent any more bad karma like this again I am raising my hand and taking an oath.

I will do my best to never again be so stingy with my TP. I will do my best to learn to share my new unused packages of TP with Oldest Son.


Kristin said...

feel better soon! There is a bad tummy bug going around down here. Hope that is not what you have. Give the boy some TP!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh No!
...then again, maybe that is why you didn't feel the need to share....YOur body knew it was going to need a couple of packs!

Feel better soon!