Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mattresses Galore

We went mattress shopping this past weekend.
It had to be done. My little man is just to big for his toddler bed now. How did that happen so quickly?

I knew going from place to place would not be fun for little one but I did think climbing on mattresses and bouncing on them would be a good time for him. Boy was I wrong.

He wanted nothing to do with trying out mattresses. At the first place he looked at one mattress and said I want the one with the swirls, then he turned around and went to play with the toy they had there. When I was finally able to convince him to get up on them he rolled across all them, got down and declared he wanted the one with the swirls.

Several more places, the same thing occurred. One place had several other kids so he was all over hanging with them and wanted nothing to do with trying out a mattress or two.

After going to several places, checking mattresses, we wound up going back to the very first place. The store with the best prices as far as we were concerned. The store with the best selection. The store with the mattress that had the swirls on it! Yes we wound up buying the mattress that Zack originally looked at and declared that was the one he wanted.

We both felt it was the best of all the mattresses we tried. We both felt it was the best bang for our buck.

Little one did not get to sleep on his new big bed that night because mom was a bit slow in getting his brand new sheets in the washer and dryer. Oh well one more night in the toddler bed wouldn't hurt him.

The next day he tried it out at nap time and declared it was a good big boy bed. The only thing he seems to have any problems with is the bed doesn't have Wall-E sheets and blankets :(
I think if I were to buy Wall-E sheets, next month he would want some other character and I would not even be accommodating him on that quest.

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kirimarie said...

That's so funny that you ended up buying the very 1st one he picked out! Ben had a great time trying out the mattresses. I would have thought any 4 year old boy would...but there you go; you know what they say about assuming something!