Friday, February 19, 2010

Good food gone bad.

Have you ever bought something in the grocery store only to get it home and it was already bad?
A month and a half ago I purchased a frozen dinner for my husband to take to work on those days when there were no left overs or no bread to make a sandwich.

When he opened the box to heat it up, the food was freezer burned. The plastic that normally covers the top was not sealed. This dinner never stood a chance. It was destined to become freezer burned no matter what.

The meal was thrown into the trash. There was no way it could have been eaten.

I don't normally write letters to companies but these meals are so expensive I figured I would let know about the poor quality of the packaging.

I received a coupon yesterday for one free product made by that company. Was I happy about that? Yes and no.

Yes I was happy they replaced the product. This means we can get another one for another day when there are no leftovers for him to take. Then again I was thinking whatever happened to companies wanting to make sure you come back to them over and over again. Companies long ago used to send you products in the mail or at least multiple coupons for free items to make sure you stayed a happy customer. Now all you get is a coupon to replace the same item you had to throw out.

In recent years I am that person that just threw the food away and said the heck with the money lost but I will not be that way any longer. If I purchase a product I want it to be good. If I buy that bag of cheese only to get it home, open it for dinner that very night and see mold, you can bet it will not be thrown out and forgotten. I will write a letter to the company. Maybe they will only replace that bag but I can not stand the thought of me throwing money in the trash can when money is so tight.

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SonyaAnn said...

I hear ya! I agree completely. I bought some mini pepperonis for a pasta salad for a party and they were a brownish green color. Yuck! I had to pitch them because I didn't want them in the house. I emailed the company and sent them pictures. I haven't heard from them.
I'm glad that I found your blog. Have a great weekend!