Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dot Dot Dot

I had my laugh for the day, week, and maybe even the month.

Today I asked Kris if I could run out to the pharmacy by myself (also known as without child) before he left for work.
As I was getting my jacket on Zack asked if he could play his Mater game. (He received a computer game for Christmas of Mater from the movie Cars). Kris told him he could and started to set up the laptop for him to play it. I told Zack to be patient and daddy would put the password in so he can play. Little smarty pants said "I will do it myself". When I told him he did not know the password he piped up loudly with a 'yes I do'!
Now I know there is no way he knows it but I was curious to see what he would say. So I asked him what it was.

He replied...

"1 dot, 2 dot, 3 dot, 4 dot..."

Think about it and you will get a good old chuckle out of that one.

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