Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crash cart needed on Aisle 5

I stopped breathing for a few seconds today.

Why you ask?

After having lunch with my three favorite guys, Zack and I decided to go walk around a store before going home. He was doing so well walking around looking at things. He did have to be reminded a few times that he can look but not touch the glass items.

At one point he was trying to get past me without being seen by the two women who were also in the aisle. I nearly ran over him with the cart so I made him walk behind me. How the heck he disappeared while we were turning down an aisle is beyond me. I just know in an instant he was gone!

My heart stopped when I called for him twice with no response!

I looked up the main aisle, nothing. I looked into the aisle we just were, nothing. I looked down the aisle we were turning into, nothing. All of a sudden I see his little foot coming from two aisles over! A sigh of relief came over me. I will admit I wanted to swat his little butt for pulling that but I didn't.

When we got out into the truck, I gave him a good talking to. He cried. I can only hope he will not pull a stunt like that again.

My oldest did this same thing to me once. He was a few years older than Zack is now when he pulled it. I don't remember what I said to him at the time but what ever it was, it must have sunk in because he never did it again.

I think this is Karma because I did it to my mother once when I was young. So Mom I want to know if you wished this on me?

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kirimarie said...

When Bobby was little, he wandered away from me at Montgomery Wards. When we finally spotted eachother, he ran over & gave me a hug & told me, "mommy, I was looking for you everywhere, and I couldn't see you, and FINALLY I saw your shoes." It reminded me of how different a perspective on life our kids have. I was looking for his little blond head. He was looking for my shoes. :)