Monday, February 2, 2009

Zack funnies

Zack: Daddy play trains with me.
Kris: No I have other things to do right now.
Zack: I aspect (expect) you will!
Mommy sitting at the table laughing butt off, Kris standing there in shock.

You know you use a word to much when your nearly 3 year old starts using it.
Out of the blue "Mommy you a slacker."
I still can not figure out what I did to warrant that one.

We were out and about the other day and all I kept hearing was
"Mommy we go to Arbys for lunch."
"No Zack"
"Mommy we eat Arbys for lunch."
"No Zack"
For the 100Th time ...
"Mommy we eat Arbys for lunch."
"No Zack we are not eating Arbys for lunch, we are going home and eating lunch at home...then we are going to take a nap."
Zack was in the backseat with K the little girl I babysit for and I hear "K, Mommy being naughty to me!"
So I guess I am the worst mommy because he did not get to eat Arbys that day.

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Tracey said...

If that's his biggest gripe with you, he's got it easy. But Arby's does sound pretty good...