Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye Speech Therapy!

I know my last post was all about Zack driving me nuts with his constant talking but today I am here to tell you how proud I am of him.

Six months ago he started speech therapy for a severe lack of speech. His therapist came to the house once a week and started out slowly. Just trying to get sounds out of him, any sounds would do to start.

It was slow going but once he picked up a few sounds he was able to put those sounds together to start saying words. Although they were not quite words that anyone could understand they were to him.
With a lot of work he started getting out some real words. Once he got the first few words out there was no stopping him. He has amazed us, his speech therapist and his service coordinator with how quickly the words were coming.

He had so much to say after not saying things for so long that he quickly started putting words together only he never actually formed sentences. He just went directly to paragraphs.

After having his evaluation done 2 weeks ago, everything is now scored and on Friday I met with his service coordinator and signed the papers.

He no longer qualifies for the program!

Not only am I overjoyed that he has done so well in such a short period of time but his service coordinator just kept saying "I never would have thought he would be where he is today with his speech when I met him 6 months ago". How cool is that? According to her they don't have many kids that are signed out of there program for being over qualified.

I know Zack will really miss his therapist coming each week but she is needed else where. I really think she did wonders with Zack.

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Tracey said...

That's a great testament to Early Intervention. Glad he's doing so well!