Saturday, January 10, 2009

Know it all.

I sometimes ask Zack questions I don't expect to him to know the answers to. I find it is a way I can teach him little things without it seeming like he is being forced to learn something new.
He wanted to do something and I said "no sir-ree Bob". He came back with "don't call me Bob", so me being the brat I am I said ok Fred. We went round and round for a bit and he finally told me to call him Zack. I said ok Zack. Then I asked him what letter does Zack start with. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said "ZEE". I haven't even tried to teach him how to spell his name yet so he totally through me off guard. I have no clue where he learned that but I guess I need to run with it.
I am just amazed by how much little ones now-a-days know compared to when I was a kid. When I went to kindergarten I didn't need to know the alphabet or numbers, that's what they taught us. Now they know it all by the ripe old age of 3. I fear that by the time Zack becomes a teenager I will be in trouble because he really will know it all. LOL

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