Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Potty Training, two of the worst words a stubborn boy of 2 years 10 months old can hear.

I started the other day putting Zack in big boy underpants while at home. He proceeded to tell me to take them off he did not like them. Nope not going to happen. Mom is a little stronger willed than he thinks.

Lets just say he did not do well at all that day.
I spent practically the whole day with on my hands and knees cleaning my carpets! Oxy Clean became my constant companion that day. I still was not about to give up.

The next day went a little better, which gave me some encouragement.

Each day is getting a bit better so with any hope he will continue with this and I can finally get out of changing diapers. (knocking on wood)

While getting him dressed this morning he tells me "Mom these Thomas underpants are snazzy".
He also informed me that he wants Wonder Pets underpants and Wow Wow Wubzy underpants and... the list went on from there.

In the world of Internet mommies PT is an abbreviation for potty training.

That is a lie.

PT does not mean potty training it is more like physical training. All the exercise I got that first day was rough on this old body. Run and lift the child then run to the bathroom, Run to the cabinet, reach for the Oxy Clean, spray, scrub. Repeat every 25 minutes. Who needs to pay for a gym membership just volunteer to potty train all the kids in your neighborhood.


Kristin said...

I am right there with you with the PT and oxyclean. I hope out two stubborn boys give in soon.

Thanks for all your support and prayers when Donovan was so sick.

ParentingPink said...

Haha! Two of my daughter's potty trained around the same age & Clorax was my best friend :-) He'll get there, don't worry!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS feature blog today! Love your blog - will be back to visit!