Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another haircut.

Last night after dropping off my vehicle at the repair shop again we decided that Zack and Kris both needed another haircut. After they tell us it will be a 10 minute wait we sat down and waited. Zack did pretty well waiting except he kept asking for a lollipop. You would think as many times as this kid has had a haircut he would remember no lollipop until the hair is cut and swept from the floor. They called Kris' name first but he asked them to do Zack first. I told Zack to follow daddy with that Zack turns and says to me "I don't think so, I think daddy go first and I wait." It took a bit of urging but he finally went back there and did well sitting on Kris' lap. No sooner was he done when he ran to the front counter and was trying to take a lollipop. By the time he finished eating it Kris was done getting his haircut and we were ready to go home. I turned around to see Zack over at the counter taking a second lollipop!
The little sneak.

Oh yeah I wish I could have gotten a picture of the sign they had taped to a television.
It said:

The TV was donated by Rent A Center, please don't toutch it.

Apparently they didn't spell check before they printed it.

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