Friday, January 23, 2009

Clothing and growth.

What is going on here?
The last week of November I remember talking to my SIL on the phone telling her Zack was just getting into a size 4T shirt. I kept thinking man that is huge for a child who won't be 3 years old until March. Some of the size 4T shirts I bought him are already getting a bit snug. Some are just right. Some of his 4T pants are a bit long , some are just right, while the other name brand ones I purchased are so darn tight I can not get them on him. (Idiot me lost the receipt)
I am really tired of having to buy two sets of winter clothes in 2 different sizes every year, this kid is costing me twice as much as he should be. I think I am in for some major clothing problems as he gets older.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

My two year old is wearing 4T sweatpants today-my husband dressed him, and I didn't know he had a gray pair, but they looked good. He didn't-they were his (on the tiny side) older brother's, and they fit the two year old! Yikes!