Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Christmas Presents is so time consuming.
I decided to start last night while watching TV. You know just to get a head and not have to do it on Christmas Eve. So I gathered up most of the gifts, the paper, tape, and the labels. Then I got to it. Now mind you this is normally Kris' job because he does such a superb job wrapping (I am being serious). Me on the other hand I think as long as you can not see the gift who cares what the wrapping looks like (it's just going to be ripped off and thrown away). It took me 2.5 hours to wrap the gifts. It isn't even that we have a lot to wrap it is just I am that I am that bad at wrapping. I short cut a few times and had to redo. I even ripped the paper on one and had to redo it. I think next year I am giving the job back to Kris. Either that or it will all be in gift bags next year.

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