Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random moments

It's 5am and I am sitting here wide awake.
The rest of the house is extremely quiet and all I keep doing is tossing and turning.
How unfair...

The other night we went to pick up my truck from the repair shop. Zack is not used to being in Kris car so he was above and beyond his usually chattiness (is that even a word). Anyway we get half way there and he is asking Kris "Daddy where we going" so Kris replies "to pick up mommies truck" the little stinker says to me in all seriousness "Mommy is he serious". I couldn't help it I bust out laughing.

The speech therapist was reading Zack a book a few weeks ago. She turned to a page and asked Zack what the bear was doing, she was trying to get him to tell her the bear was sitting. My little chatterbox replied "He's chillin'. Wonder where he got that one from.

Zack has this thing lately that is driving me nuts. If I hear it once a day I hear it at least a hundred times. "Mommy tell you a question". I correct him by saying you ask a question and tell a statement.
Yesterday he comes up to me for what seems like the millionth time and he says "Mommy tell you a question". I am busy and just say "ok tell me a question". the little stinker corrected me by saying "No mommy ask a question, tell a statement".
Well I stand corrected.

I have a habit of calling Zack everything under the sun (Zack, Zackary, Bud, Buddy, Mr. Z, stinker...) The other day I walked into his room after nap time and said "Hey Bud". He looked at me and said "no call me Bud, call me Zack".

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Kristin said...

Doesn't sound like he even needs speach anymore. No he is correcting you. Hee hee.