Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I thought I could.

I have been tagged by Kristin over at :The Way It Is
Now before I get into all the rules I must say the book nearest me does not have the required amount of pages so I will just use the last line of the last page.

* Grab the book closest to you. Now.
* Go to page 56.
* Find the 5th sentence.
* Write that sentence as your title.
* Copy these instructions.
* Tag 5 other friends to play.
* Don't go looking for your favorite book, or the coolest one you have - just grab the closest one

My fifth sentence is: I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could.

Stop take half a second and tell me can you figure out what book that is before you read the title?
the book:
The little engine that could. Retold by Watty Piper

I'm tagging


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Kristin said...

I love it. Thanks for playing.