Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random stuff.

Zack is on the mend! I really don't like when he is sick. He gets super clingy and grouchy and barely sleeps. So last night was a welcome relief because 1. I was able to sleep in my own bed and 2. I was able to sleep!

I got out the 2 ft Christmas tree last night and let Zack decorate it. Kris would hand him an ornament and Zack would point to a branch and ask Kris "put here". We keep that tree in his room with all the non breakable ornaments so he can rearrange it a hundred times a day if that is what he chooses. It keeps him from touching the big tree. It worked well last year. The only problem is by the time Christmas comes the decorations are on one side of the tree and all near the bottom. LOL.

I am no where near done with Christmas shopping and that frustrates me. I wanted to be done before Thanksgiving so I didn't have to deal with the rude people, the bad customer service, and the lack of items I want still being on the shelf. I went to a certain card store the other night to get a specific ornament, the cashier wasn't so polite when I asked her where something was. Then I went to a bookstore and found an item for Zacks Christmas on the clearance shelf. A nice big sticker on the box saying 50% off. I get to the register and the woman rings up my stuff, tells me the total, I asked her if it rang up as half off. She said "no its regular price". I pointed to the sticker and she actually huffed and got irritated. I felt like saying something but I didn't. I didn't even get a 'thanks for shopping' or a 'come back soon' or even a 'goodbye'. Oh how I love the holiday season...

And one more thing, can someone tell me why these darn little gremlins keep coming to my house as soon as I clean my kitchen, I go into another room, come back and it is a mess again? Is it a law that says my kitchen can not stay clean for more than an hour?


Kristin said...

I have the same gremlins at my house.

Leah said...

Somehow Kristin I thought you would. LOL