Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh what a night

Can we say disaster?

Last night we decided to go to a festival of lights. I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now. So after dinner we head that way. It was probably a 40 minute drive just to get there.
We pull in the entrance and I hear Kris say "hum, maybe I should have gotten gas first". I look over and there is less than a 1/4 tank of gas! Not a good start to our adventure.
After being in this long line of cars for about 45 minutes or so I start to feel nauseated. After about 1.5 hours of being in this line just to get into the park to see the lights David and I take a little walk to the bathrooms (aka porta potties). The fresh air didn't do me any good at all.
2.5 hours after arriving we get to the entrance, I took Zack out of his car seat so he had a very clear view of everything that was there. (we were barely moving 5 miles per hour). At this point he tells me his belly hurt. Oh great. We get done and quite frankly I didn't see it all for having to close my eyes ever now and again.
We stopped at the gas station Zack is going nuts crying. As soon as we started to pull away he got sick. Not fun. Cleaning him and the truck up on a freezing cold night was awful. Poor kid was shivering so bad. Thank goodness I had a spare hoodie I left in the car.
Today he is acting fine. I am fine and now I have a ton of extra cleaning to do, the car seat, the clothes, my truck. If I get a chance to see the pics Kris took for me I will post some.
Maybe we will try again next year...

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