Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The mornings

First let me just say... I am tired!

I just do not for the life of me understand how this child of mine can function. He has been going to bed late every night for the past week or so and yet everyone of those days that he has gone to bed late he has woken up at least and hour earlier than normal. This morning it was actually and hour and a half earlier than normal.

Doesn't he know mom is tired?

Doesn't he know mom needs her time at night to wind down?

Doesn't he know that mom is not a bright eyed person in the mornings?

He gets up ready to roll no matter how much sleep he's had. Every morning he lays there yelling for me to come get him. I am awaken every morning to the sounds of

"Hello, any body there?"

"Hello, any body?"

"Hello... Echo Echo Echo."

"Mommy, I up."

"Echo, Echo, Echo."

It is such a lovely way to be forced to get out of bed in the morning. NOT


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

And he SAYS "echo", right? Love it.

I am up ALL THE TIME. Corinne wakes me with her newfound need to cry in her sleep without waking (nice) but then I find myself staring at the ceiling until 7 am when they are all waking up.

Kristin said...

Sorry you aren't getting sleep. Neither am I these days. Donovan feels the need to wake up and moan between 4-6 times every night lately. This he is teething. Hope you get some rest today! What about during nap time? I can never nap while the kids are. No matter how tired I am I always use the quiet to get something done in the house. I wish I had better advice. HUGS to you.