Monday, June 1, 2009

The garden

We have some signs of success in the garden. I am thrilled. We are not using any chemicals of any kind so I am thrilled we have something happening.

I did not get a picture but the lettuce we put directly into the ground is taking shape but the ones we put into a raised bed did not make it. The peas are nearly to the point of having to be tied up (but no buds yet). The onions and squash appear to be doing well but the cantaloupe it just kind of hanging out waiting to make its move.

This is one of the tomato plants that I have in containers. We are trying some in containers and some in the garden to see which we have more success with. So far it is the containers.

This is one of the pepper plants, it has 2 buds on it. So with any luck I will be able to have some peppers for some yummy fajitas!

This is some of the green beans starting to take shape. I am not sure how these are going to go over with Zack. (Mr. I hate any green beans that touch my plate.)

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