Friday, June 12, 2009

The creamery

We went on a trip to the local creamery today with a mommies group I am a member of. I had no clue what to expect but figured it might be a fun thing to take the kids to.

When we arrived Zack and K (the little one I babysit for) ran off to see what this place was all about. First they spotted the chickens in a coop. They both stood there amazed at those creatures. I don't think either one had a clue those creatures are some of their favorite lunches!

Then they spotted the turkeys in the pen and they were gone. By the time I got over there they were already headed over to the calf. There were lots of giggles coming from all the kids standing around the pen which housed the calf, until that feisty little bovine kicked her legs splattering mud on the kids. Then they scattered.

Once everyone was ready we were taken on a hay ride. I think we would have enjoyed this if we were not crammed in. The tour guide spoke so softly even though I was only 3 feet away from her I barely heard a word she said.

When we arrived back to the farm the kids lined up and were able to bottle feed the calf. Zack really enjoyed doing that and I know he wished he would have been able to do it longer.

We were also able to see what it is like to hand milk a cow. There was a barrel made to look like a cow which the kids all loved getting under and squeezing as hard as they could to get the "milk" out. Zack went back to that a few times to try.

Unfortunately there was a slight melt down from Zack so we did not get to go into the actual barn to see the cows being milked.

The melt down stopped cold when he heard some little boy ask his mom when they were going to bring some ice cream out.

The ice cream was yummy! Some of the best I have ever eaten. Zack gobbled all his up and ate half of mine! I would have loved to buy some of the milk from there but we were not going straight home. At least now I know where I can get fresh milk and ice cream :)

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