Monday, June 22, 2009

He's weird.

Last night when David, Lilly and Indigo were leaving to go home after having a cook out here at the house. We walked them out to the car and said our goodbyes.
Zack being the nut he is yells out to them "Go down the street make a left and a right and follow your map to get home".

You just never know what will come out of that childs mouth.


After Kris gave Zack a bath last night we did our nightly ritual of laying on the floor and reading a book. Zack said prayers and climbed into bed. I put a small blanket on him and kissed him goodnight. Thirty minutes later I hear him in there whining and I go check on him. He tells me "Mommy this blanket is just not right". I straightened it out again and cover him with it again.

Another 30 minutes go by and Kris is about ready to go to bed so he goes in to check Zack and the kid is still wide awake! He starts whining to Kris that the blanket is just not right. He wanted the big blanket. Kris comes out tells me to check on him soon and change blankets when Zack is finally asleep.

Five minutes later I checked on him. He was sound asleep under a heavy Afghan! Doesn't he know how hot it is? Doesn't he care he just had a bath and will now be sweating his buns off?

He has some kind of weird thing going on with blankets. They need to be in just the right position for him to fall asleep and by gosh don't even think about letting one of his feet be hanging out.

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