Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day in the life.

Not too much been happening the past few days. Zack and I have been home the whole time except for a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday.

I was going to take him to the Children's Museum yesterday but when he woke up it was quite obvious he was not really ready to be up. So we played camp out on his bedroom floor for quite a while. Nothing like pretending it is raining and we need to cover up real fast but I tell you those pretend s'mores were delish!

After breakfast my little handy man helped me to build a shoe rack. He is just so good at screwing in the screws, I couldn't help but 'need' his big strong muscles.

Later on in the day he built a huge train track on his playroom floor. I helped a bit but for the most part he built it himself. He was having a grand time playing with that. He couldn't wait to show Kris the second he walked in the door from work.

More of the same happening today except it is my turn to go to the dentist. Oh fun!

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Kristin said...

Hope that the dentist goes ok for you. Sometimes those lazy days are the best. I have a page long list of errands I have to run today with all three in tow. Wish me luck.