Thursday, September 11, 2008

When bad things happen.

Kris went to the doctor last week they told him he had pink eye.
He has been using the medicine but it has gotten a lot worse. So he goes back today, they give him a prescription for antibiotics. He calls me to let me know he isn't trusting them and he is on his way to the eye doctors office. The eye doctor told him to throw away the medicine the other doctor prescribed and not to bother getting the new script filled. He prescribed something else. Hope this one works.
While at the eye doctors, someone hit his car and 2 others in the parking lot and drove off! Thankfully the road crew who was working right by there and some of the office employees saw it happen and got a plate number for the cops. I don't know yet what damage was done to the car.
When Kris was telling me this on the phone I told him if he went back to work, to let his boss know that I didn't want him back by the machines. I figure he is having so many problems today I don't want to chance anything more happening.

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