Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carousel Festival

The town we live in hosts a Carousel festival every year in the city park. It is something nice to bring a family too that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.
The park is home to a Dentzel Menagerie Carousel. What I read about the Carousel is this one came from Ohio and was built sometime around 1906-1910. There are only 14 complete Dentzel Carousels in the world. It is hand carved, hand painted, the horse tails are real hair and the animals all have glass eyes. It is quite beautiful.
The park also features a small train that rides on a track. It is fast becoming one of Zacks favorite things to do at that park. Kris and Zack waited in a very long line today so they could take a ride. Kris said Zack had a good time until the crowd started yelling when they went into the tunnel, then poor Zack covered his ears. He still came off wanting more though. I told him I would take him on another day when the lines weren't so long.
I did break my own rule today...
I let Zack eat dessert before dinner. We bought a funnel cake then went and sat on the grass and we ate it. I told Zack this was the only time he could eat dessert before dinner, he looked at me like I was nuts. By the time the funnel cake was gone my once clean child was covered in powdered sugar. I wish I had my camera.
We had a great time and can not wait to go again next year.

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