Friday, September 19, 2008


I am obsessed with collecting Zebras. Doesn't matter if they are stuffed animals, painted ceramics, statues, tins with zebras on them. It just doesn't matter I have a whole cabinet full and will continue to collect more.
I swear David is obsessed with basketball shoes/sneakers (or whatever you want to call them). He will say he isn't but I have to disagree. I think everytime I see him he has a new pair of shoes on and they always match his clothes. He sure did not get that from me, I could care less about shoes.
Zack is completely obsessed with the cartoon Max and Ruby. If the tv isn't on he is pointing and yelling Max. If the tv is on and Max and Ruby is not on, he is pointing and yelling Max. Some days it is annoying, ok I will be honest MOST days it is annoying. If Zack could really talk I swear he could recite every episode of that show. I found some Beanie Babies of Max and Ruby on line so I ordered them and they came in yesterday. Before bed time I gave them to him. He clung to them even after he was asleep. I forgot the cut the tags off before giving them to him and now he won't let me.


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I'm Sadie said...

What a precious photo! It was interesting hearing what everyone was obsessed with. I need to think about mine......