Saturday, September 6, 2008


Zack is progressing very well with new words. We now have a total of 18 words that we (mom and dad) can understand. His favorite word of course is NO. I hear it about 1000 times a day but that is ok with me because he is speaking. His next favorite new word is Help (haap). The minute he realizes he can not get something he yells HAAP. It is so good to hear him speaking.

Something funny happened the other night. Kris was driving and apparently needed to spit so he was clearing his throat, rolled down the window and spit. Zack from the back seat starts trying to mimic daddy and clears his throat the tries to spit. Nothing funnier than watching a 2 year old trying to spit when they don't know how. I was laughing hysterically and all Kris could do was shake his head. Maybe now he will get that Zack is going to mimic everything he sees daddy do.

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