Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quite the helper.

It has been raining steadily all day so we can not go out to play. I decided to make some brownies with Zack and K. this morning. Zack had to help put the egg in the bowl he was so focused. I don't think I have ever seen him that focused on anything before. He also wanted to help with the water so I let him have the measuring cup and to my amazement he took his time and got every last drop in the bowl. He kept sticking his face near the bowl saying UMM.
After the oven timer beeped be came running, boy was he disappointed when I told him he was to wait until after dinner tonight to have one.

Last night he couldn't wait to get outside with Kris and help him with the lawn. We need to reseed the back yard so Kris is working his tail off to do it right. Anytime Kris would pick up a rake, Zack would stop what he is doing and run over to pick up one and help. When Kris would throw his rake down Zack would do the same. It was pretty funny to watch. No matter what Kris did, Zack was sure to follow. The only bad thing is I don't think Kris will ask Zack to help him pick rocks anymore. Zack tends to go for the biggest ones he can find. Well Zack found a big one and was trying to demonstrate his brute strength by throwing it into the bucket only it caught Kris' hand instead and mashed it up against the bucket. Kris is alright now but man I know that had to hurt.

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kirimarie said...

Learning to cook with Mommy and learning to do yardwork with Daddy...Z is going to make quite the man when he grows up....your future daughter-in-law will owe you lots of thanks! :)