Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going to the store

After dinner we went to the store. While in the store Kris picked up the guitar for one of those gaming systems they have displayed and tried to play. Yes I said tried, he wasn't very good (sorry dear but it is the truth). As a matter of fact while he was attempting to play Zack walked away from him! I started to giggle over that.
While in the store we let Zack walk around rather then put him in a shopping cart. I swear his hands were going a mile a minute touching every thing on every shelf. If the item had buttons or knobs well that meant he had to touch every one and make sure all the buttons worked. If the items were small enough he felt the need to take them off the shelf and carry them. Please someone tell me that this will stop soon. It is really hard trying to get him out of the store without a fuss because he hasn't touched everything.

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