Friday, November 30, 2012

Kiki's fun.

We have been having some fun with our elf. Since Kikis kindness of making the pancakes the other day he's been getting a bit mischievous again this year. We woke up one morning to find a picture on my camera. It was a picture of not only Kiki  but a few of his friends playing a board game.

I am happy to add they cleaned up the board game and put it back where it belongs when they were done.

The next day Kiki was sitting on a shelf in Zacks room but it took Zack all day to notice him. Zack did look but for some reason he just kept overlooking  the shelf that Kiki was sitting on. Kiki must have been very very bored that day. When I turned on the CD that Zack falls asleep to every night, his eyes widened. It was not the music it was supposed to be, instead it was Patsy Clines song Crazy.(Yes, my child knows that song well. It is one of the songs I have sung to him nearly everyday of his life). I asked Zack if he was playing with my CD's and of course he said "It must have been Kiki.". Sure enough we found the evidence on my camera.

The next morning we were getting ready for school. At one point Zack stopped and in a grumbled voice and he said "KIKI" I asked him what was wrong and he responded with "Just look what he's done now." This is what we saw on the refrigerator.

 Well Zack could not be outdone by an elf so that night he retaliated with his own version. (he only had one Y so he became creative to make the Y in the word MY).
I think as the month of December comes in Kiki is going to have to step up his game because Zack is on to him.

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