Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday news

Yesterday was my birthday. I started the day like I do everyday, beat the crud out of  gently turn off the alarm clock. Climb ever so slowly upstairs to wake the child. (I thought it would be my back hurting after raking all those leaves at my moms but it is actually the back of my legs that are killing me). Anyway I get the boy up then go through the process of our hurried morning routine, make breakfast, fix lunch, make sure everything is in the back pack, blah blah blah, then bam things changed. Kris offered to take Zack to the bus stop. This is such a rare event that my first thought was "it was going to snow", my second thought was "he's looking for something". He claims he was just being nice on my birthday but I am still unsure of that.

I spent my day being lazy running errands, doing more laundry and chores. Fun times I tell ya!

I was told they were taking me out for dinner, cool I didn't have to cook! Doing the happy dance. I just did not think I would get embarrassed while at the restaurant. My darling child (and I say that in my most sarcastic voice) told the waitress "Today is my mommies birthday so make sure you tell them". Um no thanks I don't care to be sung to. My brother did that to me once and it embarrassed the heck out of me. Well darned if they didn't come out and sing! Seriously there are people waiting patiently for their drink to be filled, do all the wait staff need to be here to sing? I don't think so. Save the singing for the kids since they enjoy it so much. But I think Zack has figured out that they bring out a dessert if it is your birthday and he knew whatever they brought out he would be able to consume the majority of it! And before you ask, yes he inhaled ate the ice cream they brought out.

On a happy note my guys gave me a heated throw blanket since I am always so darn cold. You can bet if either one try to use it I will slap the living crap out of them I will be nice and let them use it while I continue to shiver from the cold.

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