Friday, November 23, 2012

He's back!

Well you know it is that time of the year when you wake up the day after Thanksgiving to find a suspicious looking letter sitting on your dining room table. A note you know was not there when you went to bed the night before. A note written on the stationary of 'the boss', 'the big guy', 'the man in red', the one and only Santa Claus! How did it get here we wondered?

Zackary quickly forgot about eating his breakfast and read the letter aloud. He read every word carefully. He did get a little quieter as he read that Santa wants Zackary to behave so he does not have to put his name on the naughty list. Santa went on to say it is true that children on the naughty list only get coal and coal is not fun to play with. Then he came to the words indicating Kiki the elf was sent back to our house to keep an eye out for good behavior, he couldn't wait to go find him. For those that do not know Kiki is the name of the little elf that visits our house and reports back to Santa Claus each night on how Zackary behaved that day. Each morning when we wake up Kiki is in a different location of the house so Zackary has to find him. Kiki can never been touched or he will loose his Christmas Magic and not be able to fly home to the North Pole and Santa may never know if Zackarys name should be on the nice or naughty list. Do you realize how disastrous that could be?

It took Zackary 15 minutes to find Kiki. He was sitting in a prime location for his first day back. Sitting on top of the curtain rod in the dinning room which means he can see everywhere. No way to secretly misbehave because Kiki will see it for sure.

 I wonder if this little friend of ours will try to get Zackary in trouble again this year like he has in past years. He can get quite mischievous and tends to make us believe Zackary made the mess. I wonder what he will do this year?

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