Sunday, November 25, 2012

Elf fun.

I think Kiki is trying real hard to make up for all the mischievous things he did to Zack last year. This is his 3rd day back this year and we were totally surprised by the thoughtfulness we found this morning.

Zack and I planned to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast this morning so before Zack went to bed we set out the griddle and the pancake mix. We made sure we had the bacon and enough eggs for the pancakes. All was good to go for the morning.


When he woke up he couldn't find Kiki. He and Kris hunted high and low until they finally found him sitting on top the microwave! Of course he was so excited and everyone had to hurry up and get it there to see Kiki sitting there (as if he were going to move). Then we noticed the pancake mix was already mixed, I asked Zack why he started without  me.
 He was insistent that he had not started it and he thinks it must have been Kiki who mixed it up.
 Yeah right like a tiny little elf can mix up the ingredients for pancakes! Then we looked at the griddle, not only had it been turned on but there were six small pancakes what were cooked and ready to be eaten. Wow we were shocked especially since they were smores' pancakes! Hello! Yummy delicious smores' pancakes. Who knew an elf knew how to make pancakes much less the most delicious pancakes in the entire universe!

While I was making the rest of the pancakes and cooking up the bacon, Zack could not thank Kiki enough. He says Kiki's makes better pancakes than both his parents! Humph, the kid has nerve! When I pointed out to Zack that Kiki had made a mess on the counter, Zack was more than happy to help clean it up for Kiki. Trust me when I say I have never seen that kid clean up so well!

Let's see what new and amazing things our little elf will do within the next month before he heads back to the North Pole.


Also adding that last night Zack and I made brownies, he said "Mom you need to make more for Santa" I told him not to worry we would bake cookies closer to Christmas for Santa. Here I am thinking that would satisfy him and he would end that conversation. NO, no such luck! He continues with "Hey Mom maybe we should leave him a pie" When I asked him why a pie, he responded with "If we leave him a pie, he might leave a puppy for me!"Oh no, not again. Apparently hearing daddy say no five hundred thousand times is getting to him. No he's taking it up with the big guy in red, the one who can bring anything and daddy has no say. First he started asking for a dog, after hearing no many times he started asking for a cat. Hearing no many times he started asking for a bird. Hearing no many times he started asking for a gerbil (Mommy is the one that says no way on this one) and after hearing no many times he started asking for fish. Notice the trend when he hears no enough the size of the animal gets smaller.

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