Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st grade problems.

On Saturday morning Zack and I were in the car riding to his first football Jamboree. He was a bit nervous but also a bit excited so that meant he was talkative. At one point he said "Mom I have 2 problems." I asked him what his problems were, all the while thinking he was going to say something about football. Oh no, much to my surprise it had nothing to do with football.

He started to inform me of the first problem and I nearly choked. "Well Mom, you see Maddie in my class has a crush on me, BUT I think I can handle that problem. My second problem is these 2 other girls are always chasing me and wanting to tag me." So I pondered which 'problem' to deal with first. Ok so I figured I would deal with the second one first. I asked him if they had crushes on him too. He let me know they did not have crushes on him and he did not have crushes on them, they just always chased him. I told him if it was that bad of a problem he needed to let them know he does not want to be chased. There has been no mention of these girls since then so I am sure it was never really a problem to begin with.

Now on to the crush. First I figured I would ask him what a crush was. Yup he responded with "Mom she has a love crush on me!" When asked if he has a crush on her he reassured me that he does not. I then asked how he knew she has a love crush on him and apparently it is pretty clear when someone comes out and tells you they have a crush on you. I asked him what he needed me to do about it. He said "Nothing I think I can handle that one."

Ahh, my baby is growing up. I can only hope all his problems are like these two.

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