Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changing his name and speaking his language.

The latest funnies from Zack that I thought others would appreciate as much as I did.

A week ago Zack and I went to the children's museum and met up with some cousins he had never met before. One of the youngest cousins (Paul) does not really talk yet so he grunts and groans much like Zack did at that age. When we were going into the garden area of the museum Dawn asked Paul if she could put his shoes on. Paul grunted and kept on walking. I asked him if that was a yes or no grunt as he was shaking his head in response Zack chimed in with a that was a yes. I asked how he knew that (especially since Paul was behind him and he could not see which way he was shaking his head) Zack's response was "I used to speak that age". Dawn and I just stood there laughing hysterically. So now I know that there really is a language that only children understand.


Yesterday at football practice the boys had to get their gear. They were all lined up alphabetically and walked from the field to the building that housed it all. Trying on helmets, pads, pants,  getting mouth guards and weigh in for all those boys. It took forever! Of course my poor kiddo was last in line again. Once he finally got up there and started getting his stuff he was bored out of his mind, hot and tired. He had to be spoken to a couple times. When we were trying on the pants, he looked at me and said (in a not so pleasant voice) "Mom, you need to change my name." When I asked why he would say something like that he responded with "Mom you just need to change my name to something that starts with an A, I don't like being last all the time!"

*I did laugh at his comment but I do have to sympathize with him.

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