Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st grader

Several times throughout the summer I made a comment. Yesterday I wished I could take that comment back. You see I wished that school would hurry up and get here so I could have some me time. It is tough having a child permanently attached to your hip when you need to get something done or just want a few minutes alone. Well yesterday was the day. The start of a new school year. The day I got some alone time. The day I could do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Darn it, don't you know after dropping my little man off at school, coming home, getting some stuff done, I sat down for a minute and realized I am missing out on my all day hugs. :( I am a mom, those hugs, the kisses the I love yous are what keep me going!

Anyway Zack started his first day of first grade yesterday August 27, 2012. He was up a few times the night before, the first day jitters starting to hit. When I woke him up, he did not want to get up but did. We went back to our school morning routine fairly quickly. I did have to drive him to school because it is just to much to ask a 6 year old to carry in a mountain of supplies to the teacher. Once we arrived at the school we couldn't find a parking space so we had to park at a nearby church and walk over. We saw many faces that we already knew so he was mister talkative to them. I could not really tell if it was because he was happy to see them or just the nervousness showing through. We arrived in his classroom and while I was helping the teacher put away the supplies he was putting away his backpack and finding his desk. He sat down and started doing the sheet of work the teacher had put on the desk to keep them occupied until everyone was there. We talked for a minute and he looked like he wanted to cry but I asked for a smile so I could get a picture.

Zackary 1st grade August 27, 2012

By the time he got off the bus, he was happy to be home. I was happy to have him home too. He told me he had the best teacher and he knew that because everyone told him so. He also told me they had to write a journal sheet and he wrote about still not liking school. So why am I getting the feeling that this is going to be a very long school year!

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