Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The death of the television

Two nights ago the television that we have in the den decided to croak. We still have another to watch but this is the only one upstairs and the only one that the video games are connected to.Yes I am mean, I refuse to allow them to be connected to the one downstairs.

Well last night we were sitting at the dinner table and Kris told Zack the television broke and is no longer in working order. I looked at Zack and the look on his face was a look of absolute fear which morphed into anger, then turned straight to total panic (I seriously thought he was going to hyper ventilate at any second). He looked at his father and I swear at one point I saw rays of death shooting from Zacks eyes. How could this man just blurt out such horrid news? How could he say such a thing and expect this child to go on with life when something so important was just ripped from his chest?  I could just imagine what was going through that his mind. Think about it for a moment, the poor child is deprived (at least in his mind). He does not get to watch a ton of television (because most of the time the mighty mouth of his gets it taken away). He does not get to play video games everyday like his friends do (because I am a mean mom and only allow them to be played on days he does not have school). Now here he has someone telling him his video games days are over for a while, oh no something must be done about this real quick! But what? What could he say or do?

Of course in true Zack fashion he said the first thing he could think of  "well we need to get a new one." Notice the word need in there, yup for a kid who has been trying very hard to beat a level of a certain video game, it is not a want, it is a need. Kris told him "sure let me just pull one out of my pocket." Zack was not so amused with this statement, so he turned his attention to "just call the repair man and he will come fix it". I politely asked if he had the money to do that. He asked what it cost and when told it cost a lot, he said "what like a $1,000?" I responded with a simple Yup. He was not amused not by any means was he amused. My smart ass darling little child raised his voice yelling "What? Are you nuts? Why would it cost $1,000 to fix a TV when you can buy a brand new one for $200." Ah so he is listening when I speak (even if he has no clue at the cost based on the size of the television)!

Then out of no where he started laughing, a rather hearty laugh too. He looked at Kris and said "Dad, that was funny when you said you would just pull one out of your pocket." Now apparently he thought we were playing a prank on him and he certainly let us know that he planned on checking the television to see if we are lying. I am not sure if he actually did check it or not but this morning he declared Kiki the elf to be the culprit. Apparently Kiki stays up playing video games while we are sleeping and because he uses it too much that is why it broke.There we go, always placing the blame on someone else!

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