Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cocoa powder may smell good but mommy is evil.

I am sitting here laughing hard. First I must tell the beginning of the story that happened weeks ago.

Zack was bugging the crap out of me asking me nicely to make more chocolate syrup. He was out and that really is a no no in our house. He really wanted a glass of chocolate milk. So I eventually got off my butt and was making some more, yes I make my own chocolate syrup. It has a lot less sugar than Hershey and I know exactly what is in it. All the while I was getting the ingredients ready and mixing and cooking he was all up in the can of unsweetened cocoa powder, (you know that stuff smells heavenly)! He kept licking his lips. He begged to have some. I told him no multiple times, finally after hearing him ask for the millionth time I spooned some out and held it out to him (now don't be getting all irritated at me, it was only about an 1/8 of a teaspoon). He practically took a dive for the spoon. He opened his mouth wide, you know so every last bit of it went in and he did not spill any. Then BAM, the look on his face changed. The smile that was previously there had disappeared and the look of shock had replaced it. He was actually spitting it out while yelling at me. Now I will admit to laughing then and thinking it was funny all the while he was telling me it was gross.

BUT today out of no where he says "Mom you are so mean!" When I asked him why he was saying I was mean when I had not done anything mean to him. He replied with "You are so mean, I can not believe you gave me that cocoa, you knew it was gross and you let me eat it! How could you?" I gently reminded him that I said no each time he asked but his insistent little self would not give up until he had some. I started to chuckle thinking about it but he was not liking that one bit and told me I was the meanest mom and he can not believe I could do such a thing to him. The look on his face today while yelling at me over this episode was priceless. I guess I will never make mother of the year now.

So there are several valuable lessons he could have learned from this incident but I am not sure which he will retain in that little mind of his. Will he learn not all that appears heavenly really is? Or will it be that he will remember when Mommy says no there is a reason for it? Or maybe the lesson he will really learn is Mommy has an evil side and he should never mess with her?

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